ECO Gas Cooker from Unionaire, 5 Burners, Black – C68EBAC447ECOP2W

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ECO Gas Cooker from Unionaire, 5 Burners, Black – C68EBAC447ECOP2W

4,799 EGP

The new ECO cookers from Unionaire are the true meaning of the perfect cooker and achieving the difficult equation between the splendor of Italian design and the right price with endless possibilities.

The ECO cooker is completely stainless, rust-proof and easy to clean for greater comfort and a longer lifespan in your kitchen, which means that the Eco cooker is the cooker of life.

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The ECO cooker is equipped with a mechanical timer for better control of the oven and grill, while achieving the highest levels of safety in case food is forgotten in the oven, because your safety and the safety of your family are most important to us.

The oven door in ECO cookers is equipped with enameled sectors in order to preserve the life of the door and the temperature in the best way inside the oven, which ensures less cooking time and less gas consumption.

For a higher luxury in your kitchen, we have provided the new ECO cookers with the self-ignition feature for the burners, no more igniting an external fire anymore.

Number of Warranty Years 7 Years
The outer surface Stainless steel surface
The outer sides stainless
Control panel stainless
Oven door Sections enamel (Tefal)
Oven door glass Reflective glass 2 layers
Timer Mechanical
Oven tray available
Surface burner yes
Grill motor Yes
Cover glass Black without a front sector
Holder Metal utensil, 4 sides
Oven fan NO
Dimensions 85 × 80 × 60 cm