Terms and Conditions

Replacement policy – return – warranty

1- The exchange or return shall be made within 30 days from the date of purchase, according to an approved tax invoice.

2- The customer has the right to replace the product with another of the same model if the same malfunction that affects the quality of functionality is repeated more than twice during the first year, and this is through a technical report from the company stating that and denying the customer’s misuse of the product.

3- Components that are replaced by the customer within the warranty are the right of the company, The customer has the right to keep it in return for paying for it.

4- To activate the warranty and request maintenance, please follow the QR CODE on the warranty certificate.

5- Under the warranty, the company undertakes to repair the components of the device or replace the component that has a manufacturing defect in the case of normal use of the device during the warranty period specified for each product.

6- The guarantee includes the cost of spare parts, inspection and examination works, and transfers for the delegate or technician carrying out these works, in addition to the costs of transporting the device for repair purposes from the buyer’s headquarters to the warranty service center and returning it after repair. The company also provides air-conditioning spare parts free of charge for a period of 3 consecutive years for warranty. The company provides spare parts for all products at cost as shown in the table (life span).

7- For the guarantee to be valid, it is required to have a guarantee certificate (sticker / printed on it the date of production and the serial number registered on the device) and submitting the original tax purchase invoice containing all the device data, within a maximum of six months from the date of production, with the device serial on the product. In the absence of a tax purchase invoice or an installation record (for air conditioning), the guarantee is valid for a maximum of six months from the date of production written on the device.

8- The gas-operated appliances (cooker – gas heater – gas oven) must be reset after converting them to natural gas through the company, and the customer shall bear the transfer fees determined by the company.

9- Devices weighing less than 25 kg are transported by the customer for repair within the service center. A transfer fee determined by the company is collected from the customer if he wishes to repair inside the house.

Life span table

the product warranty period Shelf life after warranty
conditioning two years 5 years
Fridge / Deep Freezer (NO FROS) 10 years 5 years
Refrigerator / deep freezer (DE FROST) 5 years 5 years
Water coolers / minibars two years two years
cooker 7 years 5 years
Monitor two years two years
Built-in / flat cooker two years two years
Cooker hood two years two years
Wall extractor two years two years
Half automatic washing machine two years 5 years
Top automatic washing machine two years 5 years
electrical heater two years 5 years
Gas heater two years 5 years
Ceiling fans two years two years
Wall/desk/stand fans 6 years two years
iron year two years
Vacuum Cleaner year two years
Heater year two years
Water filter year two years
Kebbeh / beater / food processor year two years
Electric oven two years two years